Reviewing the book of John

I will share with you my first journal entry I wrote after reading this book which is one of the four Gospels. Starts with a quote then my thoughts:



“Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” – John 3:3



I have been working on an essay concerning the term ‘born again’. The term was akin to a curse word in our family growing up, as we had bad experiences with born again Christians which completely turned some of us off religion. Though I would say reading scripture solidified my journey in faith, so that I have indeed been born again. But no one laid hands on me to do it. No one said, ‘you are now saved’. These kind of theatrics reek of BS. 

I believe the transformation happens internally in many private “conversations” you have with your own spirit, your own soul. So to say I’m born again sounds strange to some people, and I wouldn’t just say it because they wouldn’t understand (yet I just said it). 


What I mean to say is that I killed a part of myself off (the cynical & proud) and dove deeper into my own spirituality, made it richer and fuller and was therefore born anew in my own faith. But rather, instead of calling myself born again, do I dare say I was resurrected?


I think I would.


What about you?   

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