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Brianne Turczynski: Exposing the destruction of a small town by a corporate giant ( via Alain Guillot)

Hamtramck Then and Now: Lost Poletown (Podcast via Hamtramck Historical Museum)


Detroit’s Lost Poletown: The Little Neighborhood That Touched a Nation (Available wherever books are sold)

Looking Back: St. Clair Shores May Not Be An Old City, But It Honors Its Past. (Digital Media via Metromode Media Detroit)

Courtesy of the St. Clair Shores Historical Commission

Hog Island and Detroit’s Park Question (Digital Media via Planet Detroit News)

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress

The Mysterious Origin of Detroit’s Jesuit Pear (Digital media via Planet Detroit News)

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Looking Back: Rochester Struggles to Balance Preservation With Prosperity (Digital media via Metromode Media Detroit)

Photo Courtesy of Rochester Hills Van Hoosen Farm Museum

Lost But Not Forgotten: The Legendary Michigan Grayling (Print but available for download via Michigan Out of Doors Magazine)

Photo Courtesy of Oakland University Archives

On the History and Future of Michigan’s Chestnut Trees (Digital media via Planet Detroit News)

Photo Courtesy of Brianne Turczynski


The Velodrome (First Chapter Excerpt via The Write Launch)

Photo Courtesy of The Write Launch

Dr. Charles Townsend has suffered with panic and anxiety for five years. Feeling a change would be good, his therapist recommends him for a physician position at Whittingham Estate, a mansion off the coast of Rhode Island. He is given rules when he arrives: always speak in a proper manner, do not mention the time or year, and do not reference current events. Mr. Whittingham, the owner, is ill but won’t discuss his illness. There is a large velodrome in the basement and a cellar containing thousands of bottles of the highly sought after 1929 Bordeaux.

The Legend of Adam Young (Print Only via the 3288 Review)


The 64 Best Poets of 2018 (Print Only via Halcyone Magazine)

Creative Nonfiction:

Christ on the Stairwell (Print but available online)

Photo Courtesy of Jonathon Austin

For the Sake of Love (Print Only via Valley Living Magazine)

Oakland University Literary Nonfiction Contest

Literary Nonfiction (1st Place Winner) 2018

Oscar Wilde and the Happy Prince

Literary Nonfiction (Runner up) 2018