Brianne Turczynski is a freelance writer and historical researcher in Detroit. She received her master’s degree in education from Oakland University with a concentration in English and history. In addition to being the author of the historical fiction novel, Proper Mourning, her fiction and poetry has appeared in Halcyone Magazine, The 3288 Review, The Write Launch and the Flying Ketchup Press. Her nonfiction has been featured in Valley Living Magazine, Michigan Out of Doors Magazine and Planet Detroit News. She has won awards for her writing through Oakland University, and she’s currently producing and directing a documentary film about economic and social change in one of Detroit’s oldest neighborhoods. Her book Detroit’s Lost Poletown: The Little Neighborhood that Touched a Nation will be out with the History Press on February 8th, you can preorder it here. In her spare time, she whittles, repairs broken violins and loves to fish. She resides somewhere in Michigan with her husband, children and the fastest dog that ever lived.