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Hello Everyone,

As some of you know I have an extensive collection of old books–the pic above is only one shelf of four. 😂. They are so beautiful, and the ones I’ve read have stayed with me for years, so I started a little Instagram blog called, ‘Books and Lost Stories.’

I recently got a book deal so I’m amping up my social media game. I’m not a natural at it. I hate the idea of promoting myself, but I do have things to say and things to share which I think will brighten the world and inspire those who might feel lost sometimes. So I’m forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone.

I share each post of my books on WordPress just to spread the inspiration. I’ve been at it for a week, so far I have 31 followers–womp, womp. But I’m happy for the 31! Come follow me there! Instagram is a great way to get a (somewhat) real sense of who a person is behind the words and obscure photos. I always follow anyone who follows me. Thank you!!

5 thoughts on “Find me on Instagram!! @booksandloststories

  1. What and where is your favorite time to read? I love reading but between the “daily must-do’s” and the constantly happening interruptions (never anticipated of course), finding time to read is driving me crazy! We had a house fire in 2014 and it took everything – my books, my music, family photos, memories, crafts you name it – all gone. Since then finding time to read again has been hard. I keep trying different things only to find I seem to complete just have a book. I have several started but just can’t get it together to finish. Granted, my favorites to read are how-to’s and part of my issue is stopping to try something out; but I then get angry at myself for getting side-tracked and not completing. HELP (if you can)!

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    1. Wow! Sorry to hear about that! If you’re still experiencing grief from losing your pictures and possessions it’s probably hard to concentrate. I like to read in the morning before anyone else is awake, say 5:30 am is a good time for me. Once the day gets going I get distracted with mundane chores. I just finished reading the Bible, which took about an hour each morning for Bible study. It set me back on my frivolous book reading. Now I’m finished, I can get back into reading novels and nonfiction books at top speed again. Though I did enjoy centering myself in scripture every morning, first thing. 🙂

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