An Ode To The Innocent Ones.

Strange were those summers; summers filled with war.
I think the flowers were the lovelier
For danger.  Then we lived the pundonor,
Moment of truth and honour, when the bull Charges and danger is extreme…

…Strange little tragedies would strike the land…

…when wrath and strength were spent
Wasted upon the innocent…

-Vita Sackville-West
The Garden; 1948


Clover is indeed an innocent plant.  Innocent as the children who gather it, innocent as the ones only looking for that lucky mutation; the four leaf, which will grant security in all its forms, and equally as innocent as the ones only seeking love and friendship.

One afternoon, on my walk, I came across a field of clover in the park.  Its cream colored patches smiled and blotted the green with different shapes and patterns reminiscent of the gardens at Versailles.  This beauty struck me, perhaps more so, because I found my neighbor sitting in the middle of one, while her daughter pranced about making a bouquet of the little flowers.

With innocence abound, its beauty was enhanced all the more.  So I took some photos before the dreaded mower, or the landscaper’s guillotine, with his ignorant blade of precision and correctness destroyed my view.


Perhaps it was all the lovelier for danger.  Life is the same, when danger feels close and fear reigns, little reminders of beauty and innocence can indeed be all the lovelier to behold.  In times of war, we should seek not to remember the destruction and destroyer, but instead strive to remember only the innocent ones and their smile.



Dedicated to the innocent ones of the Orlando tragedy.






18 thoughts on “An Ode To The Innocent Ones.

  1. The depth of their innocence is magnified by the fact that they are always silent. True beauty lies in silence. Such a profound thought you shared. The pics are awesome too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Reblogged this on Dancing with Mosquitoes and commented:
    One adjective unmistakenly associated with flowers is ‘Beauty’.These adorable flowers convey the message of happiness, joy and love-we often mention that.But one more deep essence associated around these flowers is ‘innocence’, which is seldom pointed out. Miss Sissinghurst sublimely relates her experience to this profound thought in this Ode.I am pleased to reblog it here. It is a beautiful read!

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      1. I didn’t realize at first, but that’s because I’m usually a very literal person. I assumed innocent ones to be general instead of specific, but as soon as you mention it I see how it all fits together. This was wonderfully written.

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  3. lovely poem…I love the premise, that some things can be more beautiful because of ugliness of war.
    Clover is lovely, innocent and low-key. I noticed it in my backyard this morning, waiting patiently to be destroyed by the mower.

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  4. ooohhh – thank you so much for sharing this one! Your pics helped me remember a great time my sister and I had (with mom’s Irish encouragement – lol) trying to find the illusive 4-leafed clover. Mom was very smart – kept us busy for HOURS – ha ha ha

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  5. A lovely post with a very meaningful title. The ugliness of war and tragedy can serve to highlight the beauty of the simple things in life. Clover is such a pretty flower, either white or pink. Seeking out the elusive four-leaf was one of my favourite childhood pursuits. πŸ™‚

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