My book Detroit’s Lost Poletown—sold out already?!!

My book released yesterday and it’s already sold out online at Barnes and Noble, Target and Amazon! This came as a shock to me, but a lot of people told me they preordered it. I hope its success will continue, and it pays honorable homage to the neighborhood and the people impacted by its razing. Thank you to all who preordered the book and plan to get it from their local bookshop! 💕

2 thoughts on “My book Detroit’s Lost Poletown—sold out already?!!

  1. Brianne, I’ll make this brief for now. Having lived my formative years in Poletown at 6455 Mt. Elliott…at the corner of Dane Street; coincidently presently the main entrance to the G.M. Poletown plant.
    I have reams of first hand information about Poletown, and living there during the 40’s and early 50’s.
    If you have interest to pursuing a sequel to your wonderful:’ Detroit’s Lost Poletown’ which I recently finished reading…please contact me at: 802-522-2784, or
    I presently live in Swanton, Vermont. You won’t be disappointed!

    Thank You, R.J. Stanley (Zmudczynski)


    1. Robert, thanks for getting in touch! Since the publication of the book, many past residents of Poletown have come forward. The book was just released in February so I have yet to hear from the publisher about the progress of the book and if they would like to do another edition. I will make sure to contact you if they mention doing that. Thank you so much for writing me and reading the book! Blessings,
      Brianne Turczynski


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