The book of Galatians

Again, I have no authority to teach you anything from the Bible, I hope you might find something useful from it, and if you disagree with my interpretation that’s OK! “…the gospel I preach is not of human origin.” —Galatians 1:11

I was given the order in which to read the Bible my a priest friend of mine. He said some books tend to reflect each other and juxtapose each other. Once and a while I understand what he means. Reading Leviticus like we did last week, then moving on to Galatians is a great example. In Leviticus the Israelites learn laws they must follow to get close to God, and at that point they can only go through a holy teacher. But in his letter to the Galatians, Paul teaches us that following strict rules is not the way. That we have access to God ourselves through prayer and that the teachings of Christ (loving your neighbor and loving God) is what we must remember instead of the strict rules from the Old Testament. .



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6 thoughts on “The book of Galatians

  1. I liked the way you connected Leviticus and Galatians. My grandson mentioned that he might read the whole Bible next year. I’m going to tell him it might be better to skip around, as you are doing. If he does, I might ask you for the order you are using.

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    1. Yes! It’s less daunting this way. I would be happy to give it to you! Does he plan to take notes too? It’ll change his life as it sure did mine. I always went to church but reading it all in one sitting (in a year) deepened my faith more than I ever thought it would.


      1. He is 24 years old, but he is not a good reader. He and my husband share many traits. Both are left-handed and both had great difficulty learning to read. Eye problems didn’t help. They are smart in many ways, but there are definite hurdles in reading comprehension.

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      2. My grandpa was dyslexic and read the Bible constantly, he had to work very hard at it, but he felt it very important that he understood and tried to read it all. I’m sure your grandson can do it! PS—my grandpa had to listen to a lot of Bible tapes/recordings too. I’m sure if your grandson is struggling he can listen to the Bible being read to him. 🙂


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