“Go Round Popping The Buds”


Far more satisfactory [than the hibiscus], I find, are the hardy fuchsias…although they will probably be cut to the ground by frost in winter, there is no cause for alarm, for they will spring up again from the base in time to flower generously in midsummer…and in case of extremely hard weather an old sack can temporarily be thrown over them.  Their arching sprays are graceful; I like the ecclesiastical effect of their red and purple amongst the dark green of their foliage; and of course, when you have nothing else to do you can go round popping the buds.

-Vita Sackville-West
June 25th, 1950

I recently bought a couple Fuchsia Springtime from Bordine’s Nursery to hang on my porch.  They like shade, but this variety cannot tolerate the cold nights.  So I bring them in if the temperature is predicted to get below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  As I am constantly moving their fragile stems some of the buds pop off.  When this occurs I’ve been plopping them in a bowl of water and here I can intimately watch them open and reveal themselves.


Some of these buds were growing limp with coming death, but I clipped their little ends and put them in this little bowl.  They’ve since come back to life and will open for me soon.  I’m sure Vita meant to go around and help the buds to open by popping them, but no matter.  This is my version of “popping the buds”.


Fuchsias come in different colors and some are hardy enough to plant in zone 5 (Michigan).  Vita recommends varieties such as, Mrs. Popple, Magellanica Riccartoni, and Mme Cornelissan, and Margaret.  Check with your local nursery, I’m sure they’ll have something that suits your fancy.

*If you have questions or comments about fuchsia or any other plant questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’ll do my best to answer! Thank you for reading!


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