The Living Dead…

I must start with a warning not to despair about plants apparently killed by the frosts, ice-rain, east winds, and other afflictions they have had to suffer.  They may look dead now, but their powers of revival are astonishing.  You may have to cut some shrubs down to ground level, but my recommendation would be not to dig anything up rashly until you are quite, quite certain that it has no intention of putting out green shoots again.  This certitude may not come until summer is well advanced.  I remember the agreeable surprises we got after the cruel winter of 1940.

-Vita Sackville-West
April 6th, 1947

I too remember the “cruel winter” of 2014 when it looked as though all of our rose bushes had died for they did not show any sign of life.  It was about June when I saw the branches were turning green once again.  I rejoiced and was instantly struck by their willingness to survive.  I was glad I did not rip them out too hastily as many people were telling me to do.


Now they look healthy as ever, although oddly shaped.  I treated them as “unestablished” that summer because of the trauma they had undergone.  So watering them everyday I began to see my hand in their survival, and now I watch them and care for their continued growth all the more.


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