The Inspiring Vita Sackville-West

A year ago, in the dead of winter, I was suffering from severe anxiety attacks as a result of my parent’s divorce.  They would come over me mostly at night.  I needed to fall asleep to make them go away but I was afraid to sleep.  I was afraid that while I slept I would loose control and possibly my mind.  I thought and examined these feelings during the daylight hours and decided the next time I would be ready for the dark cloud.  I would try concentrating my energy on something beautiful and pure before bed.  I couldn’t think about my children because that made me worry more.  So I came up with flowers.

Over the past couple years now I have developed a great love for flowers, cacti and succulents, orchids, trees etc., and my anxiety has started to decrease.  I feel balanced again. I loved how peaceful these earthly beauties make me feel.  There’s nothing better than dreaming about massive flower gardens!
While researching my new found love, I happened to come across a program on the BBC featuring the gardens of Sissinghurst Castle in one of their episodes BBC A to Z Gardening.  The mother of this Kent, England castle was Vita Sackville-West.

Known to most as Virginia Woolf’s lover, she was also a writer and a poet.  But it was her passion for gardening that led to her fame among garden enthusiasts.  She revolutionized the gardens at Sissinghurst in the 1930’s and soon made the gardens there famous.  She wrote articles for The Observer in which she answered questions from locals, and eventually published a couple books of compiled thoughts about her garden.  I soon became very interested in this woman and within me grew a deep admiration for her.

Pictured above is one image of her White Garden in which she planted all white flowers.  She loved the way white seemed to glow against the dark night sky, making it an enchanting scene even after the sun had set.  If a tree died on her property she would plant a climbing rose bush beside it and teach the blooms to climb up its dead branches making the tree come to life once again.  She was a true artist and my inspiration for this blog which I have tossed around in my mind for months.  In addition to writing novels, thinking of flowers and planning my gardens for the summer have given me peace.  I hope you will join me on this journey as we learn together from the great Vita Sackville-West and watch the gardens grow.

2 thoughts on “The Inspiring Vita Sackville-West

  1. Have loved reading about her for many years and have enjoyed researching her gardens. Good for you to have found such a great example of a true “modern” woman of her time. I have been writing about and teaching organic gardening for 25 years or so…Hope to read more of your journey through VSW!

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    1. Thank you. The whole blog is dedicated to her, so I hope you enjoy it! Please come back sometime and read more. She’s my inspiration and I can’t look at a flower without thinking of her. Thank you for reading my post!

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