Frankenstein by Mary W. Shelley …. HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃

Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus by Mary W. Shelley was much different than any film adaptation I’ve ever seen. To be honest I didn’t really like the book at all. I was very bored and restless throughout. I think I’ll stick with my favorite film adaptation, Young Frankenstein, where Gene Wilder plays Dr. Frankenstein, (he pronounces it Fraunkensteen) and Marty Feldman plays Igor, famed for his crooked eyes, he pronounces it Eye-gore. “Do you also say Frodrick? “No, I say Fredrick.” .



My favorite scene in the film is when Dr. Frankenstein’s fiancé, Elizabeth (Madeline Khan) shows up unexpectedly. Dr. Frankenstein, Inga(Teri Garr) is beautiful assistant, and Igor stand on the porch of the mansion greeting her. They had to take this scene over and over because Feldman and Wilder kept laughing and ruining the serious awkwardness of the moment. They were not successful however, in the film you can still see Wilder holding back his laughter when Igor pretends to attack ( for the 100th time) Elizabeth’s mink stole with his teeth. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely give it a thorough watching! Happy Halloween!! 🎃



.Pictured is the 1931 hardcover edition printed after the first film was produced. Second picture is Hollywood’s first rendition of The Monster. 😱


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