Lost Story: 💕 Finding inscriptions in #oldbooks!! #Read this one from 1835!

In 1835 a Mr. Hayden W. Dooley journaled this inside Vol. 2 of Hawks of Hawk Hollow, a play by Robert Montgomery Bird, while waiting for a train:



“Arrived here at Hamilton at 9 o’clock and being just 5 minutes too late for the Oxford train the next thing is to prepare ourselves for a long tedious six hours “set” intermingled with short “walks” and little talks. Eating “knickknacks” and thinking about home after an absence of several days. I know it would do anyone interested in our welfare to see our long faces today caused by our disappointment however I believe shall throw dull care away and be a Hamiltonian while here. Strangers are beginning to gather in the depot for the next train. It bothers me a little in writing my [sic] I must grit and take it. There are several in waiting for 12 o’clock train. It is almost impossible to take in account the ruffles, fruffles and folds and twists which adorned most, I say, sensible girls. One lady sitting opposite me with a black [sic] dress on trimmed in puffed about in black silk well as near as I can tell she is a puff anyway held together with a massive gold watch and chain. She is gone now. It is half after 12 o’clock.” .


This is the oldest book I own. I only have vol. 2.

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